About Kennel Vretahof

We are a little homekennel in Kemiö, in the archipelago of Turku. Members of our family include, me Maj-Len, my husband Hasse & our children, Dan, Robert & Ann-Marie. We also have six samoyeds, and one English Cockerspaniels. My interest for dogs began when I was six years old and visited my grandmother whose neighbour had two finish hounds, and I ran away to take care of them. Since that I always wished for a dog of my own. In 1988 I got my first dog, a black Tibetan Spaniel. A few years later I moved from Turku to Kemiö and decided it was time to start a kennel of my own. I got the name for the kennel in the year 2000. The same year I also witnessed the birth of my first litter, with Berner Sennen Mountain dog puppies. but later the samoyeds stole my heart. This is our family's hobby and way of live. Our children are very helpful when it comes to shows and they also like to be a part of them.

Our daughter Ann-Marie, 9 years old, takes part in the match shows which are "playshows" for children and dogs. She trains hard and she has won but also come in second. Her dream is to become her mom's handler, which I think is very nice.
Her dream has now come true, because the cockerspaniel Northworth Under Taker is her own and they have very much fun together.

The breeding is done on a small-scale and I strive for bringing up healthy and happy puppies, so that other people can also enjoy this fun and rewarding hobby. We should remember that the dog is man's best friend, always happy and wagging its tail when you come home. The puppies grow up with the family and when it's time to move to their own homes they get a packet with information about food, how to take care of the fur and information about first aid. As a breeder I'm always available if you need any advice about the puppies lives. I want to follow up on their developement in the future. We also want everybody else to have as much fun as we have in the little village of Kimito with our dogs.